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How long do you need to do regular ballet before you can go en pointe?

I used to be a dancer ever since I was 5, and have never got recommended for pointe, even though I’m now 14. Do you guys know how long it is before you can go en pointe?

In performing street magic, what is the best way to open a conversation and starting a performance?

I really want to do some street magic to some bystanders, customers in a restaurant and etc. But i could not seem to find the right words to open or engage in a conversation leading to me performing magic.

How do you fold a bed sheet into a toga and wear it?

How do you make a toga out of a bed sheet, so you can run in it without it falling off?

Who was the first explorer to discover the Australia Continent?

I want explorers names, other discoveries and purpose of their discovery.

How do I go about finding a publishing agent for a work of fiction?

I am looking to publish a book of fiction (specifically historical fiction or horror) and I am not sure how to go about it. I believe my first step is to find an agent, but I am not sure how or what to look for.

Freelancing photographer pay should start at what for a beginner?

I am considering individual photographs. And then going for the artistic side of photography on free time. How much should prints sell for in a tourist area? Any tips would be nice!

How much is it to get a disposable camera developed?

Does anyone know what price it is to get a disposable camera developed in say boots pharmacy or anywhere like that?

How is the Prophet of Yonwood connected to the rest of the Ember series?

I am going to start the fourth book, the diamond of darkhold, and read the little preview. It seems that it is about Doon and Lina again. Can someone please explain what the third book had to do with the series, because i think it has no connection at all.

How did manufacturers & industrial workers use organization to advance their interests during the gilded age?

Manufacturers wanted profits and the laborers wanted high wages, but these conflict. My question is how they utilized ORGANIZATION to overcome this. Or to try to anyway. Thanks!

What are the desired lenses for architectural photography?

I have been pouring over books and reviews online and I can’t seem to gather a concensus of lenses that are best for architectural photography. What are my options? PC lenses, wide angle, super wide angle? 28mm, 17-55mm? Thanks.