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How to Questions and Answers About Arts and Humanities

What if a nuclear war had happened in 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis?

What state would the world be in?what would life be like?What state would south america, Africa,Asia and Australia be in?What would the world be like in 2011?would the world ever recover?assuming the USA would target all communist countries in the world, What countries would the USSR target?

How do you change the wires to the output jack in a strat?

i bought a whole new pickguard with pickups and all and now all that is lefty is to connect it to the output jack.. but i need to replace the wire that connects from the volume pot, to the output jack…The wire has like, a wire inside of it, so it’s like two wires in…

What is the Ethiopia government doing to prevent future famine?

And what is the UN/US/Private relief agencies doing?Please answer anyone of them, best answer=10 pointsDamit wrong section

What’s the difference between chalk pastels and soft pastels?

Which can I use to make the cooked effect in clay food replica? And what’s the difference?And… are soft pastels as powdery as chalk pastels?AND, I’m asking you, are soft pastels as powdery as chalk pastels, and I can’t experiment because the both of chalk pastels and soft pastels are damn expensive here!! SO if…

How can I get a strong and good vibrato?

My vibrato sounds week Any advice???How can I get a nice vibrato that doesn’t go weak??? Any tips?

what is the best photography magazine for beginners?

A magazine that has all the information that I would need to better my photography skills.A link to the site would helpful so that I can subscribe to the magazine.Please&thankyou!

What is a good place to get a web pages that has protected pictures available?

I’m looking for a web page that I can use to start up my digital picture services. Saling pictures of nature. I want people to be able to see my pictures without allowing them to print, copy or paste them.

How do I get in contact with musicians to ask them to participate in a benefit?

I want to organize a benefit in Austin, Texas. It would take place in October 2006. I want to contact some well-known musicians.

What is the difference between being alive and being dead?

As for know, most people think there is an afterlife. So what’s the difference between being alive and being dead. Maybe there is no alive maybe were just thought waves, floating through nothing, changing from person to person through out history. But, why do you think we hear, taste, feel and see all the same…