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How to Questions and Answers About Arts and Humanities

Would you define the difference between help and assistance?

Why it is so funny and scary at the same time when goverment authorities saying;we are here to help you…

What do I need to know in order to sell photography prints on Ebay?

I am planning on buying an HP Photosmart Printer to print out some of my work and I’m interested in the concept of having my art in other peoples homes. I don’t know how to make sure that I’m profiting, however… Can someone touch on the basics with me? I have never sold on Ebay.

What is a music technology degree and what sort of job would one obtain with it?

I’m working on a bachelors in viola performance from the New England Conservatory, but I have no idea what a music technology degree entails, however it sounds interesting for graduate study because I’m interested in technology as well as music…any information would be appreciated, I’m trying to research it…thanks!

What is the curriculum for training in the French School of Ballet?

I am trying to get details on what makes the French School special in the world of ballet. Information on its philosophy and approach would be especially helpful.

What is the best camera setting for sports photography in lowlighting?

I am shooting with a Canon Rebel XT 350D. It is easy to stop action during the day, in the natural daylight. But what about when the sun goes down. I am finding it hard to stop action. The camera is not focusing as fast and my pictures are coming out blurry. So after a…

How do I get a print made of my painting?

I am an artist who enjoys painting. How or where would I go to get a quality print of my own painting?

Is there any sure way to increase reading speed? Do the expensive webprograms work?

I don’t want to spend money for things that that don’t work or are not practical but I would gladly pay a reasonable price for a program that can get me English reading speed to 60ppm.

How do you pick the best book on learning a particular skill?

I am trying to learn how to have a lucid dream. There a ton of online resources but I would really prefer to read a book on it. The problem is that there a couple books out on the subject. This question isn’t really about books on lucid dreaming. It’s about finding the right book…

How important is being creative to you?

I love to take photographs, write and make life colorful in different ways, and it makes me feel good to release my creative energy in these ways. How do you express yourself?

How can i become a cover artist?

I would like to become a cover artist for Books, Albums etc and wondered if anyone could set me upon the right path.