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What is that opera song on the British Airways commercial?

It’s been on the commercial for a long time. Two (or more) women sing this opera song. I’ve heard it on the classical radio and the title is really weird that I couldn’t quite catch it. Hope someone knows… Thanks.

How can I get my lyrics into the hands of recording artists?

I have written over 200 lyrics and poems. I just need some serious help. I have sent my writings to different artists, and never a response. If they are not good enough just being told so would help.

What colleges or universities are the best if I wanted to become an author?

I want to get into a good college and I love to write! I just need to know which schools would I go to if I wanted to become a writer where I write my own books?

Is it possible to get a birth certificate using only a social security number for genealogy purposes?

I’m tracing my family tree and found a great great great grandmother in the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) but it has her married name. I’d like to know her maiden name so that I can continue tracing the line.

What areas of the body hurt the least when tattooed?

I am thinking about getting my first tattoo. I want it to be in a place that can be hidden for professional reasons, and I was wondering which areas hurt the least to be tattooed.The tattoo will probably be small, so whatever other advice you have would be great.

How are Leibniz’ necessary and contingent truths related to innatism?

I always see necessary and contingent truths being mentioned when talking about Leibniz and innatism but I don’t see how they are actually relevant. I know how necessary truths don’t imply innatism, but how is Leibniz using it in an argument FOR innatism? Am I missing something? Please explain, someone!Oh and I understand the relation…

when did america start supplying soldiers for britain in world war 2?

to my understanding, they did this before they were technically even in the war.

What is the difference between curators and conservators?

What’s the difference between curators and conservators?I was looking into being a conservator but when I looked more into it, curators kept popping up. Knowing the difference between the two will help a bunch.

What is a reasonable price to charge for a model portfolio shoot?

I will be photographing someone for the purpose of starting in modeling portfolio for him. I’ve done my share of photography, but never for something like this.Essentially, all he needs is one good face shot, and one whole body shot. I anticipate on taking a couple dozen shots overall and possibly having more for him…

How long do you need to do regular ballet before you can go en pointe?

I used to be a dancer ever since I was 5, and have never got recommended for pointe, even though I’m now 14. Do you guys know how long it is before you can go en pointe?