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How do I get a print made of my painting?

I am an artist who enjoys painting. How or where would I go to get a quality print of my own painting?

Is there any sure way to increase reading speed? Do the expensive webprograms work?

I don’t want to spend money for things that that don’t work or are not practical but I would gladly pay a reasonable price for a program that can get me English reading speed to 60ppm.

How do you pick the best book on learning a particular skill?

I am trying to learn how to have a lucid dream. There a ton of online resources but I would really prefer to read a book on it. The problem is that there a couple books out on the subject. This question isn’t really about books on lucid dreaming. It’s about finding the right book…

How important is being creative to you?

I love to take photographs, write and make life colorful in different ways, and it makes me feel good to release my creative energy in these ways. How do you express yourself?

How can i become a cover artist?

I would like to become a cover artist for Books, Albums etc and wondered if anyone could set me upon the right path.

What were the masterpiece fountains located in European cities?

I was once told that masterpiece fountains that are found in places such as Paris, Rome and other great cities of Europe were actually public toilets or (Pissoirs in French) is this true. Also that the tradition of throwing money into the fountains was done by mean customers to insult the poor souls who were…

What is a good digital camera to get for professional photography?

Stuff like sunsets, animals, and plants.You can list anything from the cheapest to the most expensive, it’s all helpful information to me :)

What two great early civilizations came during the Neolithic Era?

Only clue I have is they were along the Tigris, Euphrates and Nile Rivers.

How does one become a voice over actor?

I’ve been told on more than a few occasions that I have voice for radio or children’s cartoons. It’s never really dawned on me but I’m curious now as to why people suggest it out of the blue.I’m not sure if voice over is the proper term or voice acting, but I’m interested in any…

What is the best slr camera for a beginner photographer?

I have no experience in photography whatsoever, and I have absolutely no knowledge of the field of professional cameras. Which is the best SLR camera that I should begin with, and what’s the best place online for me to get an introduction into photography?